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Hi Emolight Photography team. here’s my story 

What come in your mind if you hear or read the phrase “Romeo and Juliet”? I guess things such as ‘eternal love’ and ‘romantic’ will come up immediately on your mind. Or some other people may think about forbidden love, backstreet relationship and tragic ending. Some of my friends say that my love story resembles to the famous drama written by Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet”. Me myself sometime feel that my story is unexpectedly resembles to those cheap FTV on the television that I hate the most from all of Indonesian TV Programs. Well, in fact those scenes on the movie really happen in my life.

My love story is a bad issue for two generations in my family. It increases my grandma’s blood pressure and causes heart attack, gets my uncles and aunt on nerves and makes my mom suffers from migraine and dilemma. It could really starts a Cold War inside my family tree and starts the World War III with his family.

The hatred between two families had begun when I was a baby. There was misunderstanding between my grandpa and my boyfriend’s father, that had caused my grandpa and my father stayed a night at the police office. At that time people were afraid to what so called as police, police station, prison and etc. And one night stay at the police office cause a bad reputation for the whole family. Since then the one sided Cold War between my family and his has started.

Then there was me five years ago, set off for college at the City of Students, Yogyakarta and stayed with a friend of my mom who is also my boyfriend’s cousin. First time when I met him, he was just broke up with his ex because of long-distance relationship. He was just an ordinary guy but it’s always comfortable to be with him. The first time my aunt knew that I had made friend with him, she warned me to stay away and ignore him. But then it was me who asked him to be my boyfriend and our backstreet relationship was started. Of course sometimes after his family visit, my mom and my grandma would call and asked about him. Yeah, they heard the gossip. Well, then I would deny it and said that it was just a gossip then tell them not to take it seriously.

This situation continued until my graduation day. My mother came to Yogyakarta to attend my graduation ceremony. It was me again who invited him on the graduation day. They finally met each other. That awkward moment when my mom kept silent in front of him, not saying a word even to her daughter. The day after my graduation, my mom gave me an ultimatum that I should go back to my hometown with her immediately and before that I should break up with him. On the next day my uncle called and told me some very logical reasons why I should leave him while my aunt also called and told me to break up with some very illogical reasons. I guessed my mom had gathered her army. I really couldn’t explain how upset I was at that time. I cried till my eyes swollen that night. Thing I never did before. With the help of my friends I could give her the reason to stay for one more month. All I need was the time to prepare myself for the farewell. Then a month later, time for me to go back to my hometown has come. On the night before my flight, I was crying a bit. The song Daylight by Maroon 5 would be a suitable soundtrack for that moment but unfortunately the song was released a month later.

It was really annoying when I just arrived at my grandma’s home and my mom came just for asking whether or not I had broken up. That was ridiculous. Then I just said ‘Yes’ immediately hoped that she and the whole family would satisfy with my answer. As I expected, the news was widely spread. On the next day my aunt called me and gave me some advises again that just passed from the right ear and came out from the left. I thought I had heard my aunt’s relieved voice. Then several days later my youngest aunt, who is always be my secret sharer called and told me that the girls (my grandma, mom and older aunt) actually didn’t believe it when I said that I had broken up. I didn’t lying back then. I really broken up for one minute then made up again in the next minute.

It’s been five years now and I am still with him. I remember their denial back then when they said that he is ugly and short. They also said that his one pack belly is just like the frog and not suitable with the beautiful me. Okay that’s what they say, not me. Me myself would said that although he is not handsome and good looking but still for me his round big belly is so cute makes me want to squish it all the time 

This story hasn’t end yet, nobody knows the ending but I will definitely try my best to make a beautiful ending for both of us and both of the families. I believe he is chosen by God to be my lifetime partner. Otherwise, why the hell should I fell in love with the son of my family’s enemy? That is just not a coincidence. I just want him to know that although we are now separated our love is now growing stronger than before. We already had the seeds. All we need now are some water and magic so it will grow up just like Jack’s beanstalk which will take us to the highest level of live and happiness.


Evi Susanti


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