Favorite wedding Song

Wedding Song

Do you have any songs which describe your relationship or the songs you love that you want them to be your wedding songs?

I believe that some of you have them as theme songs of your love story.

Some songs below are the version of mine. What’s yours?


Indonesia Song

1.       Teman Hidup – D’Cinnamons

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but every time I listen to this song, I just want to get married soon. The song is just too sweet that makes me feel I don’t want to be a part from the one I love. When your desire to live forever with your loved one is reached, no matter what happens you’ll fight for it.

2.       Love is you – Ten 2 Five

I love the way they play the guitar. Somehow, it could add the romantic of this song.

“Here and now, I will vow stay with me…

Let me love you with all my heart,

You’re the one for me,

You’re the light in my soul..”




1.       I Wanna Grow Old With You – Westlife

Who doesn’t want to grow old with your loved one? I am pretty sure that everyone does :’)


The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger
But it hurt so bad, I can’t take it any longer

I wanna grow old with you,

Yes, I do want to grow old with you.


2.       Thank God I Found You – (Mariah Carey)

This song tells us about the gratitude of those who have been waiting so long to find someone who could save them from suffering. The wait finally meets its answer


3.       This I Promise you – Nsync

The part of this song which really touch my heart is this:

I’ve loved you forever
In lifetimes before
And I promise you never
Will you hurt anymore
I give you my word
I give you my heart
This is a battle we’ve won
And with this vow
Forever has now begun

So, can I have this as my wedding song? Somebody, please say yes!


4.       Close Your Eyes – Michael Buble

Have you watched the video clip of this song?

If you haven’t you better watch it first, by then you will know how deep the meaning of this song is.


Below is the some lyrics of this song:


It’s your beauty that betrays you
Your smile gives you away
Cause you’re made of strength and mercy
And my soul is yours to save
I know this much is true,
When my world was dark and blue
I know the only one who rescued me was you


So, close your eyes and let me tell you all the reasons why


Emolight Team

Lusia Pintaka

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