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Keke & Ary Wedding

Aristotle once said patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet. We think this quote suits this couple most. They met when Ary was a student of Indonesian Air Force Academy and Keke was a freshman in university. It took four and half years to bring them into a special day when they finally declared their wedding vow. A pretty rough journey, felt joy and also felt sorrow. Although they were separated by the distance and went through many up and down phases, they taught us if love would always be a struggle. Congratulation to our newlyweds, Keke and Ary. Due to his duty to ser

ve this country, Ary cannot promise to be beside her for every difficult time, every trial, every hardship but we believe he will be protecting her as he march away. As an army’s wife, Keke cannot promise that she will not become frustrated when Ary leaves her for his call of duty but she can promise that for as many tears of sadness and frustration and anger that are shed there will be double that of tears of pride and honor.

Love, Emolight’s team




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